Run Right Coaching – Pauls Story

I have been running and working on my general fitness for many years now. I have been a regular gym user all my adult life, and I ran my first half marathon, The Wycombe Half Marathon, back in the early 90’s.

After this initial challenge, I continued to attend running events alone (road races, multi-terrain and cross-country events from 5k to marathon distance), but it wasn’t until I was in my late 30’s that I joined a local running club. There I benefitted from the support and advice of like-minded individuals and I found that taking part in the same events I had enjoyed in the past, was much more enjoyable when as part of a team; even though most events were not based on a team performance.

Eight years ago, I moved on to triathlon events as well which I discovered that, as well as being a great sport in its own right, are a great way to cross-train. I have since completed many sprint and Olympic distance events, half Ironman distance events (‘70.3’) and three full Ironman races (‘140.6’).

Over the years I have benefitted from one-on-one running coaching. Recognising the gains that can be made through quality coaching combined with my passion for the sport, I wanted to pass on the knowledge I have collected through my years of running and triathlon. To achieve this goal, I qualified as a British Athletics Running Coach in February 2019 and now coach two local running clubs and a number of one-to-one clients.

I noticed that a lot of my clients were missing the cross-training aspect of their programme that would help them make the most of their running. To this end, and to complement my Running Coach qualification, I became a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Advisor. I now also build plyometric, glute and core workouts amongst others into my training programs, to help my clients train smarter and get the most out of their running.

My aim – to bring the benefits of my experience to those wanting to improve their fitness and technique and achieve their goals.


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